The Trūata Anonymization Solution

One of the most difficult challenges facing companies today is how to both maximize their data analytics utility and minimize their risk associated with privacy regulations.

The answer is to adopt an uncompromising commitment to secure the privacy of personal data through the power of anonymization. The GDPR raised the bar on what is considered anonymized, where possessing identifiable data along with de-identified / anonymized data presents an unacceptable risk of re-identification in the eyes of regulators.

Mastercard Case Study

The Trūata Anonymization Solution independently anonymizes data before it is analysed, giving our customers the freedom to carry out analysis while protecting people’s personal data. It is specifically designed to fully meet the high regulatory thresholds for anonymization as the original data set and the de-identified data set no longer co-exist in one organisation. Instead, they are separately held - with Trūata alone holding the anonymized data set for analysis and our customer alone retaining the identified data set.

“A privacy-driven approach to unlock the power in your data”

Rather than relying on an organisation’s internally operated silos to separate data sets, with the risk of re-identification thus remaining high, our solution entirely separates the data sets prior to the application of sophisticated anonymization routines on the Trūata platform.

This independent approach underpins our commitment to the ethical and responsible treatment of data. Our organisation's trust structure, combined with our world class technology and sophisticated legal and operational safeguards, ensures we adhere to the letter and the spirit of data protection law. We will always treat our clients and their individual customers with integrity.

The Trūata Anonymization Solution is designed to deliver actionable insights across multiple industries including:

+ Banking / Financial Services      + Travel & Hospitality      + Telco      + Retail     + Automotive

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