About Trūata

Founded by Mastercard and IBM in 2018, Trūata specializes in privacy-
enhancing technologies for privacy risk assessment, de-identification, and
true anonymization of data. We were one of the first companies in the EU
to receive independently accredited ISO 27701 certification, the international
standard for data privacy management. In 2023, Mastercard acquired full
ownership of Trūata with Trūata continuing to operate as an independent entity.

By leveraging Trūata’s suite of proprietary solutions, organizations are
empowered to unlock powerful insights while complying with the
highest global data protection standards.

employees working at the forefront of privacy tech.
is where we’ve laid our hat, but we have offices in London and New York, too.
1 billion
is the number of rows of anonymized data we process every day.

Our vision

The Trūata business model embodies a passionate commitment to privacy by design. Our experts are leading the way in a totally new application of independent data management.

Trust runs deep in our relationships with our clients, because we truly respect the rights of the individuals from whom data is derived. By striving for entirely ethical analytics, Trūata enables organizations to realize the potential of untapped data while protecting their customers’ privacy.

Management team

Meet the executives shaping the future of Trūata’s
privacy-enhancing technologies.


Felix Marx

Chief Executive Officer

Felix Marx has over 20 years of experience in identity management, financial services, and telecoms. He joined Trūata to give consumers greater control over their data, as envisioned by GDPR.


Michael Ingrassia

President & General Counsel

In his previous role at Mastercard, Michael Ingrassia managed a broad array of global transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and investments.


Pat Brennan

Chief Financial Officer

Pat Brennan has held senior financial positions in several technology companies, including Vo1t, F5 Networks, Nortel Networks, and PPG Industries. He was also a chartered accountant at KPMG.


Aoife Sexton

Chief Privacy Officer & Chief of Product Innovation

In her role as Chief Privacy Officer & Chief of Product Innovation, Aoife Sexton is responsible for developing and bringing to market innovative privacy-enhancing solutions and services that sit at the intersection of Big Data, analytics and privacy.


Mark Vanni

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Vanni has more than 20 years of experience in financial services and payments, having led global product and technology teams focused on driving value for client organizations and their customers.

Deirdre O'Gorman

Deirdre O’Gorman

Chief HR Officer and Chief of Staff

Deirdre O’Gorman has extensive experience in all areas of HRM, from human capital management to strategic planning. In her role as HR European Leader for Diversity and Inclusion, she built a culture that embraces all diversities.

Board members

Get to know the fiduciaries steering Trūata toward a prosperous future through
astute ethical, legal, and financial governance.

Martina Hund-Mejean

Martina Hund-Mejean

Board Member

In her previous, 12-year tenure as Mastercard’s Chief Financial Officer, Martina Hund-Mejean increased the company’s market cap from $25 billion to over $200 billion by growing its core business.

Mohamed Abdelsadek

Mohamed Abdelsadek

Board Member

Mohamed Abdelsadek is Executive Vice President of Insights and Analytics at Mastercard Data & Services. He leads a global team focused on developing services and platforms that help customers use data and insights to make smarter decisions with better outcomes.

Caroline Louveaux

Board Member

Caroline Louveaux is the EVP/Chief Privacy Officer for Mastercard. She is leading the global team responsible for legal compliance, policy and regulatory engagement on privacy and data protection.

Barry Smyth

Barry Smyth

Board Member

As an entrepreneur and scientist, Barry Smyth’s research interests cover a broad range of topics, including artificial intelligence, case-based reasoning, and recommender systems.

Silvio Barzi

Board Member

Silvio Barzi is an experienced executive, with prior roles including Chief Executive Officer for UniCredit Consumer Finance, and Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton and McKinsey & Company.

Working at Trūata

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