IBM and Trūata partner to help businesses assess privacy risk in data with advanced Fingerprint technology

Dublin, Ireland, August 31, 2022– Trūata has today announced the launch of its partner solution with IBM to help organizations to understand the privacy risk in their data. The solution is expected to simplify how businesses centralize and manage data privacy risk to help users to efficiently analyze business-critical data and operationalize privacy-protected data flows.

IBM Data Privacy Risk Assessment for IBM Cloud Pak for Data® enables organizations to accurately assess and quantitively measure privacy risk in datasets in their own environment. This partner solution is an add-on program that can be purchased in addition to Cloud Pak for Data which leverages Trūata’s advanced Fingerprint technology to find and surface hidden identifiers (quasi-identifiers) in addition to direct identifiers. It is planned for general availability on August 31, 2022.

IBM Data Privacy Risk Assessment for Cloud Pak for Data

Cloud Pak for Data is an integrated Data and AI platform that enables organizations to collect, organize and analyze data and infuse AI into their business. Built on a foundation of open-source technologies, the platform supports hybrid cloud environments and helps organizations modernize their business. As an add-on program, Data Privacy Risk Assessment for Cloud Pak for Data will enable organizations to do more with their data and gain a greater understanding of their privacy risks.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Highlights hidden privacy risks
  • Delivers numerical risk scores based on GDPR-Grade re-identification metrics
  • Features an intuitive dashboard that provides drilldowns on each highlighted risk
  • Provides recommended options for transformation actions that can be taken to mitigate risk
  • Provides standardized, quantitative risk scoring to help organizations make quick and confident decisions regarding data use
  • Delivers auditable evidence that data used has been risk-assessed and managed according to results

Data Privacy Risk Assessment for Cloud Pak for Data is purpose-built for:

  • Privacy teams – to provide a standardized approach for objectively assessing and quantifying privacy risks. Privacy programs can be strengthened by leveraging the automated risk analysis and incorporating the risk scores into workflows for informed decision-making on data use.
  • Data owners – to provide robust data risk scoring for specific use cases and create a data library of risk-verified assets that is available to help analysts make quicker decisions and streamline workflows.

Powerful combination of advanced risk identification and measurement features

As a trusted third-party partner to IBM, Trūata has built a privacy-enhancing solution that fosters cross-departmental collaboration and effective data management so that organizations can extract optimum value from their data while mitigating privacy risks. Our partner solution makes use of advanced Fingerprint technology to find and surface hidden identifiers (quasi-identifiers) in addition to direct identifiers.

Quasi-identifiers are columns or combinations of columns that might not constitute a re-identification risk in isolation, but when combined with other columns, can pose a unique, often hidden identification signature, similar to a fingerprint, that can identify an individual. With Data Privacy Risk Assessment for Cloud Pak for Data, discovery of these quasi-identifiers can be performed at scale to identify and score the riskiest combinations in datasets of any size, which would not be detectable through human analysis.

Data Privacy Risk Assessment for Cloud Pak for Data measures privacy risk across the range of the re-identification risk classes that support the most stringent data protection regulations:

  • Singling Out (single dimensional)
  • Singling Out (multidimensional)
  • Inference

Through its easy-to-use results dashboard, users can drill down into detailed risk reports that provide recommendations for mitigating personal data risks.

Commenting on the newly announced partner solution, Paul Cash, CTO at Trūata, said: “We are delighted to announce the release of our partner solution with IBM. Our Data Privacy Risk Assessment application for Cloud Pak for Data will enable businesses to bring a new level of advanced automation to their privacy management programs. Not only will our Fingerprint technology intelligently and efficiently risk assess datasets at speed and at scale, but it will also help organizations to unlock the full potential of their data while remaining compliant.”

Hemanth Manda, Head of IBM Strategic Partnerships, Data & AI Software said, “IBM is very excited to announce IBM Data Privacy Risk Assessment for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, powered by Trūata Fingerprint. This offering enhances IBM’s Data Fabric: Data Governance and Privacy solutions and tools, providing organizations with a standardized risk analysis experience to minimize data privacy risks and accelerate data monetization”.

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