Trūata Workshop Series

Uncover data
and privacy risks.

Maximize data value—without compromising customer privacy

In Trūata’s three-stage Workshop Series, learn to identify,
examine, and qualify your organization’s analytical
processes. A privacy-enhanced data strategy is then
developed for prioritized analytical use cases to provide
you with a roadmap to data management and analytics
best practices. This is delivered in a bespoke Privacy Risk
and Data Opportunity Report.


Qualify your
analytical processes


Develop a privacy-
enhanced data strategy


Build a roadmap
to best practices


Maximizing the value of
data in the age of privacy

In this one-day workshop with Trūata’s privacy and data
science personnel, explore how privacy regulations
impact your organization’s ability to extract value from
customer data. Find out how to drive ROI through privacy
leadership, increase brand value—and gain a competitive
advantage in the process.


Privacy risk and data

Experts from Trūata’s data privacy and data science teams join
you for a half-day onsite workshop, where we map out your key
analytics programs and use cases, and show how they’re being
impacted by privacy concerns.

Then get ready for an intensive two-day deep dive, where we
investigate which of your use cases are the best candidates for
optimization via privacy-enhanced analytics. We’ll then return
for a final half-day onsite or virtual session as we break down your
organization’s tailored Privacy Risk and Data Opportunity Report.


Data optimization strategy

Over two days onsite or via a virtual workshop, we will work with you to develop a benchmarking framework that reflects your organization’s competitive and regulatory context. The benchmarking process will be conducted by our discipline experts, and you will be guided through the results in a final, half-day workshop where a data privacy strategy and action plan will be defined.

With access to a privacy-enhanced data analytics and management strategy which spans your information architecture, you’ll discover how to minimize risk while protecting and extracting value from your data.

Learn from
the experts

The Trūata Workshop Series is designed
to empower clients to maximize the value of their data while preserving customer privacy. Learn from our data science and privacy teams how to navigate the evolving privacy regulation landscape—and act on prime opportunities presented to your organization.

The Trūata team demonstrated their expertise in the areas of data science and data protection to validate and enhance our privacy strategy, as well as a great flexibility in its relationship with us. Our objective is to achieve insights-driven product innovations, but we have also made a commitment to ensure our customers’ privacy is protected. We have great confidence that this can now be achieved.

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