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Privacy-enhanced business intelligence

On-demand webinar: Privacy-enhanced business intelligence

In today’s data-driven business landscape, organizations face the challenge of leveraging data for business intelligence (BI) while ensuring data privacy compliance. This webinar will provide a comprehensive deep dive into a new data ecosystem that enables privacy-enhanced business intelligence.

Data collaboration powered by Trūata Combined Analytics

Data collaboration powered by Trūata Combined Analytics

Watch this short video to see how you can tap into the outside view of today’s consumers to gain advanced intelligence that can be used to steer marketing strategies and drive growth.

Trūata Calibrate - scan data assets to identify direct and indirect privacy risks. Perform targeted de-identification to fast-track safe data sharing.

Measure and mitigate data privacy risks with Trūata Calibrate

Trūata Calibrate is a privacy-enhancing software solution that enables organizations to objectively quantify data privacy risks and then seamlessly transform the data into a safer and more compliant resource.


Understanding hidden privacy risks in your data
White paper

Beneath the surface: understanding hidden privacy risks in your data

Extracting value from data — securely and ethically — has fast become a business imperative. This paper explores the power and pitfalls of emerging privacy-enhancing technologies when applied within an organization to minimize data protection risks without de-valuing data.