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Ready-to-go privacy tech

Fast-track data activation with ready-to-go privacy tech

Accelerating the speed to insight across an organization is critical for business growth and informed decision-making. In this session, we will look at how to operationalize your data in a privacy-compliant way and the importance of data agility.

Anonymization guessing game
White paper

Is data anonymization nothing more than a simple game of Guess Who?

Is data anonymization nothing more than a simple game of Guess Who? The answer is no. But by the way that some are claiming to ‘anonymize’ data, you’d certainly think so…

Data privacy in the cloud on-demand webinar

The future of privacy in a multi-cloud world

An expert panel discusses next-gen technologies and looks at how they can provide the automation and assurances required to assess and mitigate risks in the cloud to enable businesses to operationalize privacy compliant data at speed and at scale.


Big Data Privacy Engineering

As companies store more and more sensitive data in larger amounts over longer periods of time, they are under ever increasing pressure to be transparent about what data they collect, how they consume it, and why they need to retain it.