Trūata Anonymization Service (TAS)

anonymize data.
Unlock insights
with confidence.

Preserve data’s
analytical value—and
protect consumer privacy

Trūata Anonymization Service (TAS) independently anonymizes enterprise data, enabling organizations to leverage richer, more accurate analytical insights while meeting the highest global regulatory standards.

TAS delivers a controller-to-controller relationship via Trūata’s unique data trust structure, which provides additional governance protections and mitigates the clients’ risk of non-compliance. Generate privacy-safe model code, reports, and data, and harness them to boost growth, innovation, and new data-driven revenue streams.


anonymize data


Meet the highest global
regulatory standards


Generate model code,
reports, and insights

The gold standard of
anonymization for data owners

The Trūata Anonymization Service helps multinational organizations overcome complex
data and privacy challenges with a single, consistent, future-proofed strategy.

How does
the Trūata


After you’ve de-identified direct and indirect identifiers (e.g. tokenization), securely transfer your data to Trūata.


Trūata runs privacy risk assessments, applies anonymization techniques, and performs analytics based on your needs.


You receive analytics, trained models, and aggregated reports, which you can apply to deliver business value.

See for yourself

Trūata Anonymization Service transforms personal data into non-personal data, which ‘switches off’ data protection regulations, therefore negating limitations around data use.

Businesses rely on data-driven insights to ensure delivery of next-generation products and services to their customers, but understand that sustainable innovation can be achieved only with full protection of individuals’ privacy rights. New privacy laws reinforce the importance of respecting consumers’ privacy and the need for solutions such as TAS.

JoAnn Stonier
Chief Data Officer for Mastercard


Hand Trūata responsibility for your data anonymization processes—
and enjoy unparalleled compliance.


trust structure

The Trūata Anonymization Service provides clients with legal and contractual safeguards, and the additional governance protections of a trust structure help to protect them and their data.


Unlock value from data in a compliant manner

Anonymized data analytics drives value while complying with GDPR and the highest global regulatory standards, so organizations can widen the scope of their analytics to derive richer insights.



Ensure speed and efficiency with an effective, compliant, consistent cloud-based solution, which handles technical and regulatory complexities so you don’t have to.

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