Truata Combined Analytics
Truata Combined Analytics

Trūata Combined Analytics

Boost customer segmentation.
Power analytics with
combined data insights.

A privacy-first analytics exchange platform

Combined Analytics is a collaborative analytics exchange platform that enables businesses to safely share and access untapped customer insights from trusted third-party partners to optimize campaigns and unlock new revenue potential.

At Trūata, we not only understand the limitless opportunities and value of data collaboration across companies and industries, but we are experts in the legal, technical and structural complexities of building a connected hub of privacy-compliant insights for our partners and members.

Powered by our innovative anonymization technology, Combined Analytics delivers a shared-insights solution that provides members with the outside view of the customer, enabling them to complete their data universe and enhance customer segmentation strategies.


An advanced analytics exchange platform for privacy-first enterprises


Unlock a comprehensive customer view and boost customer segmentation


Protect your data while launching ethical strategies for monetizing insights

Re-envisioning data insights sharing.

Unlock new insights and intelligence to fuel growth and innovation.

How does Combined Analytics work?


Our members leverage insights from our trusted partners to widen their customer lens with new understanding and enhance their commercial performance. Our high-value partners are market-leading organizations that hold significant volumes of transactional and behavioural data.


Our advanced ecosystem is engineered to pair the logic between partner data and member data in a GDPR-compliant manner to generate combined analytics that can be used to activate campaigns and make informed, insight-driven decisions.


It’s a win-win outcome. Our members fuel growth and innovation by enhancing existing customer segments, predicting future behaviors and increasing headroom to leverage market-share opportunities. Our partners generate new revenue sources and opportunities to further engage with our members.

Combined Analytics provides access to secure, privacy-compliant insights that are generated on anonymized data assets, enabling our members to benefit from previously off-limits intelligence.

As an organization that relies on insights but advocates for customer trust, LMN Air Miles were seeking out a partner who could provide the behavioral insights needed to streamline decision-making and drive growth, while leveraging privacy as a competitive differentiator. We found that partner in Trūata.

Trūata Combined Analytics has opened the doors to new, innovative ways of working with data. Our partnership with Trūata has enabled us to leverage untapped insights to fast-track marketing initiatives and accelerate growth in key sectors. This is a transformative solution for data-driven organizations that advocate for customer trust.

Dr. Lydia Kruithof- de Haan
Head of Data & Analytics for Loyalty Management Netherlands


Breaking new ground while building trust.


A privacy-by-design ecosystem

Businesses want to benefit from multi-party data collaboration, but trust and regulatory requirements create complex challenges. Our Combined Analytics solution is engineered to ease commercial concerns and facilitate risk-free analytics exchanges between parties.


A trusted source of third-party insights

We enable our members to leverage high-value partner insights so that they can capture a wider view of customer behaviors, spending patterns, preferences and intents. Our platform delivers combined intelligence while controlling data visibility to protect both our partners and our members.


Monetize your insights – not your data

Our gold-standard anonymization service sits at the core of our analytics exchange platform. We ensure the highest protection of sensitive data, connect complementary partners with members, and ensure that all parties enjoy the wide-reaching commercial rewards of privacy.

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