Trūata Calibrate

Measure and
mitigate data
risks—at speed
and at scale.

Quantify and reduce
data privacy risks

Trūata Calibrate empowers organizations to seamlessly
transform data to meet SafeUse levels. This ensures they can confidently leverage personal data to drive growth and innovation while complying with the highest global data protection regulations.

Trūata Calibrate is designed to operationalize privacy-
compliant data flows, providing an easy-to-use solution for those wanting to activate data, innovate with data or conduct international data transfers. It is specially designed to solve everyday data privacy issues, such as navigating the complexities of global regulations, overcoming data flow inefficiencies, and providing an auditable trail of compliance.


Seamlessly transform
data to SafeUse levels


Increase confidence and
collaboration with data


Enhance operational
speed and efficiency

A privacy-by-design
approach for data owners

By removing subjectivity from the decision making process, data can be
utilized confidently, responsibly and compliantly.

How does Trūata


Use our patent-pending
Fingerprint technology to
automate the statistical
analysis of datasets and
access quantitative risk
scores that consider
data-centric and
contextual signals.


Perform forensically
targeted privacy risk
reduction to minimize
risk and maximize
analytical accuracy on
datasets of any size.


Highlight the effects on
privacy and utility when
transformations are
applied to datasets.

See for yourself

Trūata Calibrate powers informed decision
making about data use and creates a privacy-
enhanced dataset while minimizing the impact
on analytical utility.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t protect it

Dr Maurice Coyle
Chief Data Scientist


Future-proof your data privacy strategy.


Fingerprint analysis
and dynamic recommendations

Access standardized risk scores
based on re-identification metrics to support the most stringent regulatory environments, and simulate the effect that different data transformations will have on privacy and utility—before mitigating risk in a targeted manner.


Set the dial for
safe use

Set SafeUse levels for data based on the context of use, under the direction of your organization’s privacy and compliance functions.


cloud capability

Deploy Trūata Calibrate natively on cloud platforms and integrate it
seamlessly with your existing data
governance platform.

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