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Data Transfer

Operationalize international data
transfers with unparalleled ease

Organizations rely on sharing data to inform and implement strategy. But when the CJEU announced its
decision on Schrems II and the European Data Protection Board laid out its recommendations to ensure
international data transfers met the EU levels of data protection, it triggered a seismic shift in the way
businesses had to operate. With pseudonymization noted as a key technical measure for legally effective
transfers, Trūata has developed a seamless, purpose-built solution that allows organizations to move
forward with efficient, compliant, and commercially valuable transfers.

Demonstrate accountability  and protect privacy

Demonstrate accountability
and protect privacy

With the European Data Protection Board’s recommendations confirming a hard stop for non-compliance, organizations must demonstrate accountability and look to implement supplementary measures that satisfy the highest regulatory standards. Trūata’s pseudonymization solution for international transfers ensures the right technical controls are in place to safeguard data and operationalize transfers with minimal disruption.

Leverage a
GDPR-compliant solution

By deploying our data transfer solutions, businesses may conduct lawful transfers of personal data out of the European Economic Area (EEA), while leveraging numerous commercial benefits. Our pseudonymization solution, Trūata Calibrate, constitutes a viable technical measure to mitigate data privacy risks. For business cases where effective pseudonymization cannot be achieved with the required level of protection for transfer, organizations can use Trūata Synthesize for a synthetic data solution.

By creating a synthetic version of the dataset, with known privacy and utility characteristics, the dataset may be transferred to the non-EEA entity for analysis. This enables business logic to be generated, which can then be applied to the original data residing within the EU.

Our data transfer solutions

Explore our data  transfer solutions today

Explore our data
solutions today

Get in touch with Trūata, and one of our friendly experts will explain how our data transfer solutions are empowering organizations to transmit and share data simply and responsibly—while adhering to the European Data Protection Board’s strict recommendations.

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Data transfer

Operationalize international data transfers with unparalleled ease

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