Data Activation

Data Activation

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Streamline your data flows—unlock
and access data at speed

The ability to activate and harness insights at pace is critical to commercial success, but
manual data management practices and vast data lakes are creating data waste and
increased risk. Trūata’s solutions enable businesses to embed privacy-by-design into systems
and processes. This helps you overcome challenges around organizational operability and
speed-to-value, to gain a competitive advantage in a big data world.

regulatory complexities

Increasingly stringent data protection regulations are impacting analytical agility and productivity across business functions. Accelerating the speed of insights across an organization is critical for business growth and informed decision-making.

Trūata’s solutions empower organizations with a consistent, standardized approach to data management. This enables them to activate data at speed while alleviating concerns over data privacy risk and non-compliance. With Trūata, businesses can transform actions into the real-time insights needed to predict market dynamics, anticipate trends, and fuel commercial growth.

Helping data owners
unearth hidden privacy risks

Advancements in technology mean that the proliferation of data is only set to continue. It’s imperative that organizations can unlock the value of amassed data while preserving privacy, to leverage actionable insights.

Privacy risks hidden in systems and data lakes leave organizations vulnerable to exposure. In the absence of privacy-enhancing technologies, and without the ability to effectively measure and mitigate re-identification risks, data paralysis leads to data waste. Trūata provides automated risk-assessment solutions that can be applied at scale, enabling organizations to implement new, forward-thinking data strategies that use data responsibly and ethically.

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Privacy in 4D: brand-new
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Data activation

Streamline your data flows—unlock and access data at speed

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