Data Innovation

Monetization Transfer

Turn insights into action
and propel growth

Striking the right balance between technology, quality data and consumer privacy is crucial to
the success of data-driven organizations. Trūata empowers businesses to innovate with data
while protecting consumer privacy.

Powering the future
with a privacy-first mindset

The abilities to access real-time insights, conduct
longitudinal data analyses, and leverage predictive modeling
are key to driving growth and innovating at speed in a data-
driven world. However, regulations create multiple
complexities for data controllers. Trūata provides solutions
that not only help organizations overcome these obstacles
but enable them to tap into data that would otherwise be
off-limits, and then do more with that data to drive innovation.

Tap into privacy-enhanced
analytics for unparalleled insights

With prolific levels of data and advanced technology at their
fingertips, organizations could either lose or leverage
consumer loyalty, depending on how they choose to move
forward. Demonstrating a responsible and ethical approach to
innovating and enhancing customer experiences is critical to
building trust and retaining long-term loyalty.

Trūata’s solutions provide the ability to derive insights from
behavioral, transactional, financial, and operational data—
while preserving privacy. This opens multiple avenues for
commercial growth and innovation-led strategies, including
enhanced personalization, upsell and acquisition
opportunities, and the design and pricing of new offerings.

Our data innovation solutions

Explore our data  innovation solutions today

Explore our data
solutions today

Get in touch with Trūata, and one of our friendly experts will explain how our data innovation solutions are empowering organizations to gain a competitive edge with brand-new data sources and methods—while mitigating the risk of re-identification.

Privacy in 4D: brand-new
dimensions for your data strategy

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Streamline your data flows—unlock and access data at speed

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Data innovation

Turn insights into action and propel growth

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Data monetization

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Data transfer

Operationalize international data transfers with unparalleled ease

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