Trūata Privacy Enhanced Analytics Platform (PEAP)

Analyze anonymized
transactional data via
a SaaS-based platform.

Leverage the full value of data with an anonymized, compliant solution

The Trūata Privacy Enhanced Analytics Platform (PEAP) is a self-service portal which helps Mastercard’s qualifying banks conduct analyses on anonymized transactional data.

PEAP delivers business intelligence KPI dashboards and a sophisticated predictive model builder. Through a compliant and fully anonymized solution, customers are able to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the full value of Mastercard’s data universe.


Analyze anonymized
transactional data


Compliant and
fully anonymized


KPI dashboards
and model builder

Empowering customers with
comprehensive data privacy compliance

The Privacy Enhanced Analytics Platform allows customers to leverage
anonymized datasets, enabling them to maximize data utility and
minimize privacy risk.

How does the
Privacy Enhanced
Analytics Platform



Preserve consumer
privacy and mitigate
the risk of data re-
identification while
broadening the scope
of data insights.


Boost the accessibility
of longitudinal data for
dynamic analysis.


Remove limitations
surrounding data
retention and storage.

Future-proof your
commercial objectives

The Trūata Privacy Enhanced Analytics Platform
paves the way for an ethical and compliant
approach to data strategy, while future-proofing
your commercial objectives and driving
actionable, accurate outcomes.

We know how important data is to our issuing banks—but we also know the importance of privacy to individuals. That’s why we work closely with Trūata, drawing on their proprietary technology and expertise in data anonymization and analytics to bring the Privacy Enhanced Analytics Platform to the market, as part of our commitment to promoting responsible data use. Working with Trūata enables our customers to close their analytical gaps in a GDPR-compliant way.

Gurpreet Atwal
Senior VP (Data and Services), Mastercard


Deeper analysis. Improved accuracy. Minimized risk.


model builder

Create machine learning models that
score customers in an environment that protects their privacy, and taps into pre-built, fully customizable propensity and trend models.



risk analysis

Guarantee KPIs are sufficiently
aggregated to totally address and
mitigate any re-identification risk.




Access core KPIs that incorporate past
and present portfolio performance for a more fundamental understanding of your business.

Explore the Trūata Privacy
Enhanced Analytics

Get in touch with Trūata, and one of our friendly experts will explain
how PEAP is empowering Mastercard’s qualifying banks to close
analytical gaps with access to a compliant data universe—and
how it can help your organization future-proof its data strategy.