Top Data Visionaries Across the Globe to be Unveiled

Nominate your Data Visionary

With the continuous development of technologies, systems and tools, data has become a crucial factor for many organisations when it comes to future growth and success.

To recognise the hard work and dedication of those pushing the data industry forward, Trūata, the provider of privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions, has today announced the nominations for its industry first, Top 100 Data Visionaries list are now open.

These ‘Data Visionaries’ will include individuals that have disrupted their industry or their company through the use of privacy enhanced analytics to secure growth without compromising the trust of their customer base. The Top 100 Data Visionaries list will identify and showcase the top 100 leaders globally who are using data to unlock value, lead innovation and transform their organisations through privacy by design.

As part of this initiative,, an industry publisher featuring insights and thought leadership from global business and technology leaders and Trūata are pleased to welcome Katia Walsh, Chief Strategy and AI Officer, Levi Strauss, Roberto Maranca, Data Excellence VP, Schneider Electric, Caroline Carruthers, former CDO, Network Rail and Author of The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook, and Mark Chillingworth, Senior Content Editor, FT Live the judges for this exciting list.

“Data is increasingly recognised as one of the most critical assets an organisation has, but so many are still struggling to get it right,” said data expert and co-founder of data consultancy firm Carruthers and Jackson, Caroline Carruthers.

“We need to celebrate good data leadership when we see it to highlight the individuals helping organisations to harness the power of data. That’s why I’m so excited to be helping to build this list of the top 100 data leaders helping to enable the data driven transformation that organisations need to thrive in today’s competitive world.”

As part of the criteria, a Data Visionary must be able to illustrate a focus on trust and transparency, while having the ability to navigate specific challenges posed by regulations and laws that vary from country to country. These leaders will be recognised for how they have unlocked the true value of data to positively upend a business, while keeping privacy at the forefront of the organisation.

“Who are the Data Visionaries? I believe they are those amongst us that, in virtue of an almost religious epiphany, have seen a brighter future for their companies where data is the fuel propelling growth and excellence” comments Roberto Maranca, Data Excellence VP, Schneider Electric.

“Fearless of the masses of detractors around them they embark in a journey of pursuit of such excellence in data. They try, they fail, they try again they fail again, but with every cycle one, two, many more start to share the vision and slowly but surely the culture of their company starts to change.

“Eventually they reap the benefits of their foresight having driven innovation in their companies, unlocked value from analytical best practices in a transparent and ethical way. This is a celebration of those top 100 individuals.”

Over the coming weeks Trūata and will be accepting nominations for those data leaders that deserve the term Data Visionary. The 100 leading global data leaders will be announced on 20th April. You can make nominations from this page.

“Data can be the driver of growth and innovation. But we need to strike a balance between data utility and customer privacy. Through the top 100 list, we will have the opportunity to discover and recognise the unsung heroes of data that drive best practises when it comes to privacy and innovation” comments Felix Marx, CEO, Trūata.

“The future belongs to organisations which operate with integrity and find a way to unlock the potential of their data without compromising privacy – and these leaders deserve to be celebrated for the impact they have made within the industry”.

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