Trūata Pioneer - real-time business intelligence
Trūata Pioneer - real-time business intelligence

Trūata Pioneer Execute

Real-time business
intelligence. Robust
privacy protection.

Privacy-safe BI analysis

Trūata Pioneer Execute is an intuitive, privacy-protected business intelligence platform. This self-service analytics platform enables organizations to generate on-demand business intelligence outputs that are privacy-compliant, safe to share and provide richer insights derived from privacy-enhanced data.

Pioneer Execute users benefit from our best-in-class anonymization service. Rather than generating BI reports based solely on a consented customer pool, Pioneer Execute ensures that insights can be generated on the client’s entire customer universe while remaining GDPR-compliant.


Privacy-compliant outputs from
GDPR-grade anonymized data


Access your entire customer universe without risk


Make responsible data-driven decisions based on more accurate insights

Removes risk. Rewards with richer insights.

An advanced business intelligence tool for privacy-first enterprises.

How does Trūata Pioneer Execute work?


Access a set of pre-defined BI output templates, which you can customize for your specific business needs. These cover insights such as headroom, attrition, churn and opportunity.


Define your own universe of output schedules and parameters to ensure the platform works for your everyday needs.


Download the generated privacy-compliant outputs, which can be shared right across your business ecosystem and leveraged for further analytics.

End-to-end privacy protection

Pioneer Execute provides access to privacy-compliant insights that are generated on anonymized data assets, enabling you to access your entire customer data universe.

Trūata Pioneer Explore - an advanced business intelligence tool for privacy-first enterprises.


Limitless data opportunities.


Gold standard anonymization service

Anonymize your data. Pioneer Execute is underpinned by our best-in-class anonymization service to ensure that your business intelligence operations are privacy-protected from end to end.


Access your entire data universe

‘Switch off’ GDPR. When data is truly anonymized, data retention limits no longer apply. Pioneer Execute capture insights from your entire data universe and not just your consented data pool.


On-demand, privacy-compliant dashboards

Customize business intelligence outputs by selecting parameters for specific needs, knowing that the privacy risks have been handled before your outputs are generated.


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