Trūata Joins Rolls-Royce’s new COVID-19 Alliance

Leading privacy-enhanced analytics solutions provider to work with Rolls-Royce and other industry leaders as part of the Emergent Alliance

Dublin, 16 April, 2020 – Trūata, the privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions provider, has joined forces with Rolls-Royce and world-leading data owners, policy advisors and other technical specialists, to unlock valuable data insights to help find new, faster ways of supporting the response to COVID-19 and subsequent global recovery.

The alliance, Emergent, will combine traditional economic, business, travel and retail data sets with behaviour and sentiment data, to provide new insights into – and practical applications to support – our global recovery.

Emergent models will be used to identify lead indicators of economic recovery cycles. Global businesses can then use these indicators to build the confidence they need to make investments or other operational decisions to shorten or limit any recessionary impact from the virus.

Trūata will contribute its expertise by providing its privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions to help extract key actionable insights from data sets, while adhering to data protection laws.

Felix Marx, CEO at Trūata, said: “Here at Trūata we had no hesitation in offering our services as part of the Emergent alliance to utilise data for societal good. We’re keen to support the efforts in extracting the analytical value out of contributed data sets to assist in the containment of COVID-19 and drive economic recovery – in a way that fully respects the privacy rights of the individuals underlying that data. Trūata will do this via its suite of proprietary privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions (including its data anonymization, privacy risk quantification, data de-identification and synthetic data generation solutions), which have been specifically designed to empower high-value analytics on large data sets while complying with the highest global privacy standards.

“We are living in unprecedented times. And, at this moment of great uncertainty, we must recognise that we all play a role in addressing the global challenge as quickly and efficiently – but also as responsibly – as possible.”

The Emergent alliance is voluntary and all insights will be generated in a privacy-preserving manner and published for free.

Caroline Gorski, Global Director for R2 Data Labs, the Rolls-Royce data innovation catalyst which started the alliance, said: “We want the world economy to get better as soon as possible so people can get back to work. Our data innovation community can help do this and is at its best when it comes together for the common good. We’re delighted to have Trūata on board as the company’s expertise in providing privacy-enhanced data analytics will prove crucial in ensuring high confidence and trust in our ways of working so the initiative is a success.

“People, businesses and governments around the world have changed the way they spend, move, communicate and travel because of COVID-19 and we can use that insight, along with other data, to provide the basis for identifying what new insights and trends may emerge that signify the world’s adjustment to a new normal after the pandemic.”

Emergent has set up a website for potential members to register their interest at The first challenges have already been issued to the community, including one to identify lead indicators of economic recovery which businesses can use to build the confidence they need for investment or activities that will shorten or limit any recessionary impact from the virus.

About Trūata
Trūata enables its clients to derive the maximum value from their data assets while complying with the highest data protection standards. Trūata offers its clients a service to independently anonymise data, enabling them to conduct privacy-enhanced analytics to drive business growth, uphold customer trust and protect brand reputation. Trūata is based in Dublin, Ireland.

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