7 benefits of plugging a privacy risk assessment tool into your data stack

Purple iconography representing elements of a big data tech stack

With data protection regulations continuing to evolve and impose new requirements on businesses, adopting a scalable and agile mindset towards privacy risk management is key to gaining a competitive advantage.

Future-thinking businesses are flipping the script on data privacy, now viewing it as an enabler of growth and innovation rather than a business blocker. As they look to build a big data tech stack that stands the test of time, most are turning to hyperautomation tools to overcome privacy challenges and streamline operational inefficiencies to guarantee success in a fast-moving, data-led economy.

Having the ability to quickly detect, accurately measure and seamlessly mitigate data privacy risks is now critical in a privacy-conscious, highly regulated, digital world. Tapping into next-gen technologies, such as Trūata Calibrate, empowers data governance functions to make fast, confident decisions that enable core teams to work with safe data at speed.

Without doubt, the privacy payback will be felt and embraced right across your organization. Here are seven business benefits of powering your data engine with automated privacy risk assessments:  

1. Save time and money

Staying up to date with the latest data protection regulations and deciphering what they mean for your business is a labor-intensive and costly overhead in itself. And that’s before you consider the time-consuming nature of manual privacy risk assessments, the price of a non-compliance fine or the reputational brand damage when consumer privacy is not protected.

Tapping into a tool like Trūata Calibrate removes the bureaucratic burden and costly complexities of conducting privacy risk assessments by automating the entire process for you.

2. Activate in your Azure environment – today

Our purpose-built privacy risk assessment software is a cloud-native solution that is ready to be deployed in your existing environment—today.

We know that some businesses are only getting started with implementing robust data protection measures, which is why we cater to all businesses, no matter where you sit on the data maturity curve. Your business can confidently take the reins with our cloud solution, which seamlessly integrates within your existing data governance platforms.

3. Cover your business with ‘privacy insurance’

Why worry about compliance when we’ve already done the hard work for you? Our privacy risk assessment software detects and surfaces both direct and hidden privacy risks based on re-identification metrics that support the GDPR as well as other data protection regulations around the world. This enables you to make objective judgements and maintain compliance with the regulations in real-time.

With all your privacy risk assessments being conducted and tracked in one easy-to-use dashboard, you can also tap into your auditable trail of compliance whenever necessary.

4. Conduct privacy risk assessments in hours

Leveraging a cloud solution such as Trūata Calibrate enables your business to conduct fully automated privacy risk assessments on datasets, of any size, within hours.

Powered by our ground-breaking Fingerprint technology, datasets are forensically examined to not only identify the direct re-identification risks but also to surface the hidden re-identification risks that leave businesses most vulnerable to non-compliance oversights or human error. With datasets growing in volume and complexity, hyperautomation brings pinpointed accuracy and objectivity to the fore of risk assessment.

5. Mitigate risks and remove analytical blockers

If you can’t measure the privacy risks in your data, you can’t mitigate those risks. Fortunately, with Trūata Calibrate, you can do both. Once your automated privacy risk assessment is complete, the software provides dynamic recommendations so that you know what action needs to be taken to minimize the risk. The data can then be transformed to remove the re-identification risks and deliver a privacy-compliant dataset that can be put to use immediately.

Embracing technology that can measure and mitigate privacy risk objectively empowers data governance teams to take back control and remove the guesswork from compliance which, in turn, facilitates the flow of more data at a faster pace.

6. Build a collaborative data culture

For many businesses, data literacy is already top of the digital transformation agenda. To meet the explosive demand for analytics while overcoming complex data protection challenges, many are turning to privacy-enhancing technologies to proactively build a collaborative data culture that strengthens business resiliency.

Trūata Calibrate is one example of a solution that removes the tensions that exist between data governance and data analytics functions. Automating the privacy risk assessment process and performing targeted risk mitigation empowers data governance teams to confidently contextualize and provide access to safe data while implementing a transparent, standardized approach to privacy risk management across the organization.

7. Dive into richer analytics and accelerate speed to insight

Dwelling on the repercussions of risky data has led many businesses into a stagnant state of privacy paralysis where, despite being their most valuable asset, much of their data is now going to waste.

Relying on a solution like Trūata Calibrate enables businesses to focus on data-driven growth and innovation strategies rather than getting bogged down in the intricacies of regulatory compliance. When you have the ability to turn-the-dial on privacy based on the context of analytical use, you allow analytics teams to dive into a wider view of data at a much faster pace. Ultimately, streamlining the measurement and mitigation of your privacy risks ensures that the relevant teams can not only access insights quicker but also act on insights quicker, and it is this difference in operational pace that will separate the leaders from the laggards in a data-led economy.

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