How automated privacy risk assessment is paving the way for data-driven innovation

Man pointing his finger at a a privacy security symbol on a hologram that shows a technology network

Protecting data privacy is one of the most critical steps in enabling advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data science to thrive. To harness the power of predictive models and predictive analytics to transform data into future insights, forward-thinking businesses are racing to overcome inherent data privacy management challenges in order to gain a competitive edge.

Striking the balance between data-fueled innovation and data privacy protection requires a privacy-by-design strategy and a growth mindset. Since privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) are purpose-built to unlock data value while protecting privacy, businesses are understanding the immediate and long-term benefits of early tech adoption when working with big data.

One next-gen automation technology that is gaining momentum is that of quantitative privacy risk assessment—scalable technology that can streamline privacy risk management by automating privacy risk analysis on datasets of any size. At Trūata, we’ve taken this a step further by engineering one seamless cloud solution that can measure and mitigate data privacy risks so that you can navigate, rather than inhibit, data-driven innovation in a privacy-first economy.

Leveraging the power of privacy risk assessment automation through Trūata Calibrate enables businesses to activate data and turn insights into action in hours rather than being held up by days or weeks. Such technology fosters data-driven innovation by:

Overcoming data risk and data waste

Widespread privacy concerns and increasingly stringent data privacy regulations are impacting business momentum. Rather than treating data as an asset, many organizations feel forced into treating their data as a liability for fear of compliance oversights or consumer backlash; this is resulting in mass data waste. Our technology encourages responsible innovation that removes subjectivity from the privacy risk assessment process, ensuring you can confidently conduct analytics while ensuring you meet the highest regulatory standards.

Accelerating speed to insight

Turning to automation tools to solve everyday problems is key to cutting costs, removing inefficiencies and driving projects forward at pace. At Trūata, we’re passionate enablers of fast-flowing, compliant data that empowers businesses to continue driving innovation without compromising consumer trusts. Time is money, and the automated measurement and mitigation of privacy risk enables businesses to streamline operational strategies and ensure data gets the compliance ‘clearance’ it needs to be shared with analytics functions within hours.

Tapping into a wider (and richer) view of analytics

When you integrate a tool like Trūata Calibrate into your data stack, you free teams from overthinking regulatory compliance, limiting data access and shrinking the scope of your analytics. Our Fingerprint technology scans for data privacy risks and provides standardized risk scores based on re-identification metrics. Based on the risks surfaced, businesses can then view recommendations for risk mitigation and transform the data for safe use. Based on the context of use, businesses can maximize data utility while minimizing risk so that they can confidently do more with their data.  

Enhancing consumer products and services

Having the ability to access real-time insights, conduct longitudinal data analyses and leverage predictive modelling is key to driving growth in a digital economy. By enabling access to data that would otherwise be off-limits, businesses can ensure they are at the bleeding edge of hyper-personalization strategies and have insights help them to foresee future behaviours to deliver better products and services to their customers. Our technology is designed with data-driven innovation in mind. When you can measure and mitigate privacy risk at speed, you can scale growth and focus on commercial success. It’s that simple.

Opening up new revenue streams

The future belongs to businesses that can prioritize intelligent operations underpinned by data. And owning this future requires agility, flexibility and responsiveness so that customer experiences can be optimized and high-impact business objectives can be met. Access to data and insights are the underlying drivers of revenue-generating strategies in the digital world, and only when you leverage purpose-built privacy technologies can you dive deeper and swim wider in the lucrative data lakes where the analytical advantage lies.

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