Trūata Offers Anonymization Service to Support COVID-19 Efforts

We are living in unprecedented times as the world fights to defeat the global COVID-19 pandemic. At this moment of great uncertainty, we must recognise that we all play a role in addressing the challenge as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At Trūata, we believe our unique capabilities can be offered to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and government agencies in this period of expanding lockdown measures to help governments manage the safety and security of their citizens in a manner that protects each person’s privacy.

We are committed to creating for government agencies, with the support of MNOs, unique, large data sets that are anonymized using the power of the Trūata Anonymization Service. These fully-anonymized data sets will provide government agencies with the most robust and privacy-enhanced data possible, enabling them to produce safety-generating insights into people movements during the period of lockdown and self-isolation. This service would be delivered to the highest levels of anonymization, without ever compromising the privacy of the individual.

Insights that can be derived from these anonymized data sets would include:

  • How people, in general are visiting essential retail outlets including Grocery and Pharmacy retailers
  • How people, in general (frequency, locations) are visiting healthcare facilities
  • Whether people, in general are adhering to lockdown restrictions (e.g. gatherings in large social groups, office attendance, etc.)
  • People and traffic flows in towns and cities (timing, journeys etc.)

We are working with appropriate government agencies to do our part during this critical time for the global community by offering the Trūata Anonymization Service to them – free of charge – for the duration of the COVID-19 virus crisis.