‍29 / 09 / 2020

ISO 27701

Truata Rewarded for Commitment to Data Privacy with New ISO Certification


Dublin, 29th September 2020 – Truata, the privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions provider, today announced it is one of the first companies in the EU to achieve independently accredited ISO 27701 certification, the international standard on data privacy.

The ISO 27701 standard provides an overarching framework on Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS), to help companies fine-tune their data privacy practices and keep pace with the changing regulatory landscape. Being independently certified to this global standard demonstrates Truata’s ability to deliver privacy and data protection by design and by default, while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

“Consumer privacy is one of the high priority areas of focus for data-driven organisations, given the increase in digital technologies, data innovation, and enforcement of stronger data protection laws. This is a significant accomplishment for us, and achieving a standard like ISO 27701 instils greater confidence amongst our customers, board, stakeholders, employees and suppliers,” said Andre Thompson, Privacy Counsel and Data Protection Officer at Truata. “As one of the first companies to announce ISO 27701 certification in the EU, we’re able to serve as a case study for the demonstration of a privacy by design approach for the processing of personal data.”

As challenges and concerns around consumer trust and privacy intensify, keeping data safe while unlocking its potential is taking on an increased importance for organisations. With privacy at the core of its DNA, Truata has completed the certification process by demonstrating accountability through effective privacy management and data governance, that considers the following;

  • Embedding a culture of privacy through training, awareness, involvement, alignment, and collaboration
  • Understanding processes, and establishing robust and effective privacy practices, procedures and systems to govern privacy throughout those processes
  • Assessment and continuous improvement of those privacy practices, procedures and systems in order to continually improve privacy management processes
  • Recognising the ethical obligations to the individuals whose data is processed

Built on top of existing standards, Truata’s Privacy, Data Protection and Ethics Management Framework ensures attitudes and behaviours towards the protection of personal data are of the highest standard to protect the privacy of the individuals whose data is processed. The award of ISO 27701 recognises that Truata has achieved all the requirements of the standard for establishing industry best practice privacy controls.


About Truata
Truata is the privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions provider that specializes in privacy risk assessment, de-identification and true anonymization of data. The company enables businesses to unlock powerful insights with its suite of proprietary solutions, while complying with the highest global data protection standards to build trust and transparency with their customers. Truata is based in Dublin, Ireland. Follow the link for more information about Truata.

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