Trūata Anonymization Service - How It Works


The Trūata Anonymization Service delivers Privacy-Enhanced Analytics

How It Works

  • First the customer de-identifies their data including the hashing of direct identifiers using encryption keys kept secret from Trūata
  • The de-identified data is sent securely to Trūata
  • The customer then deletes their copy of the data
  • Trūata applies additional de-identification techniques to its copy of the data, including the re-hashing of direct identifiers to ensure no linkage
  • Then Trūata deletes the data received from the customer
  • Trūata further anonymizes the data through the addition of noise, data perturbation, and aggregation
  • Privacy tests are then conducted by Trūata
  • Where risks of re-identification are highlighted, the data goes through further cycles of anonymization
  • The anonymization process developed by Trūata’s team of data scientists and privacy experts ensures that the underlying utility of the data is preserved – including support for longitudinal analysis
  • The anonymized data is stored for application of analytical tools, always segregated from all other customers’ data
  • Access controls are put in place to ensure that customers have no access to granular data
  • Analytic functions apply further aggregation, generalisation, randomisation and other anonymization techniques
  • The customer only receives aggregated reports and model code
  • The output is audited by differential privacy tests
  • The customer receives those aggregated reports and model code via Trūata’s Data Analytics Suite – allowing them to generate powerful insights
  • The customer can then use those insights to improve their business processes and better serve their customers, such as through more effective marketing campaigns, product design that is more focused on their customers’ needs, and more efficient operations

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Trūata Anonymization Service - How It Works