Data Anonymization Use Cases

Businesses are under increasing pressure to be data driven and to derive value from their data assets. Effective data anonymization enables organizations to execute analytics programs across a range of use cases to to drive customer growth, operational efficiencies and data monetization without compromising customer privacy.

Mastercard Case Study

From omni-channel dynamics to recommendation engines and analyzing in-store behaviour, the application of accurate analytics has the capability to identify trends and increase sales. Data-driven insights can be used to differentiate when operating in a very competitive space.  Recognising the factors that increase churn and identify customers at high risk is critical information that provides the opportunity to take steps to prevent it.


Data anonymization use cases

Customer Insights

Operational Efficiencies

Data Monetization

  • New Market Insight Products
  • Location Based Marketing Solutions
  • Monetization of Insights with Vendors
  • Smart Cities Integration
Privacy-enhanced Analytics

Through the application of independent data anonymization, ethical analytics can unlock the full power of  a company's data while protecting their customers’ privacy. Follow the links below to learn more about the industry specific use cases for the Trūata Anonymization Solution.

Automotive     Financial Services     Retail      Telco    Travel and Hospitality


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