Measuring Data Privacy Risk

Truata CalibrateTruata Calibrate* is a privacy-enhancing software solution that allows organizations to objectively quantify data privacy risks and recommend actions to mitigate those risks. This means your organization can spend less time worrying about compliance and more time maximizing the full potential of your data.

How can Truata Calibrate help you?

Truata Calibrate provides you with the confidence to make informed decisions about your data by:

  • Finding and surfacing the hidden risks in data sets of any size without the need for human interaction
  • Providing unified and quantitative risk scores, which consider both data-centric and contextual signals, so that better-informed decisions can be made about the use of data sets
  • Generating risk reports and providing recommendations to reduce re-identification risks; these recommendations can be applied to transform the data into safe data for organizational use

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Benefits of Truata Calibrate

Truata Calibrate
For Data Owners

Comprehensive data-level privacy risk scores for each use case enable quicker internal decision making.
A data catalogue of risk verified assets can be made available for analysis across an organisation to speed up workflows.

For Privacy Teams

Single standardized way of assessing and quantifying privacy risks ensures enterprise-wide consistency.
Privacy programs can be strengthened by incorporating the risk scores and a number of privacy checks can be automated.

For Data Users and Internal Customer

Analysts can fine-tune data sets to maximize data utility as the specific privacy risks have been highlighted.
Business units can do more with their data due to greater understanding of the privacy risks and how they can be addressed.

Learn more about privacy-enhancing technologies and the importance of measuring data privacy risk.

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* Truata Calibrate will be released for general availability from early December, 2020.