No More Chalk vs Cheese - The Coming Together of Business Competitiveness and Data Privacy

As of February 2020, 128 of the world’s 190-plus countries had a form of data privacy legislation in place.* The situation can seem overwhelming to the many businesses that no longer exclusively operate in one jurisdiction.

“Confusion over what is permissible means the only recourse for many businesses is to try to meet the most stringent regulations in existence anywhere in the world as a common denominator.”

All those data privacy regulations are aimed to be pro-consumer. But pro-consumer doesn’t have to mean anti-business. And independent data anonymisation can take data from potential liability to enhanced asset.

In the absence of a global data privacy standard, this paper, co-authored by Mastercard and Truata, explores how the multitudinous data privacy laws need no longer leave businesses with a chalky aftertaste.

* “Data Protection and Privacy Legislation Worldwide.” The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, February 2020.