Trūata Calibrate

Operationalize your
data pipelines with
data management

Measure and mitigate data privacy risks

Trūata Calibrate empowers organizations to make data usable while leveraging privacy as a commercial differentiator. Our frictionless, cloud-native software enables businesses to operationalize privacy-compliant data pipelines at speed, so teams can work with data responsibly and confidently.

Powered by intelligent automation, Trūata Calibrate facilitates fast and effective risk measurement and mitigation via a centralized dashboard. The platform provides a smart, standardized solution for managing privacy risks and ensures that data can be effectively transformed for safe use right across your business ecosystem.


Scan data assets to identify
direct and indirect privacy risks


Perform targeted de-identification
to fast-track safe data sharing


Create an auditable trail of

Powering future-ready data strategies

Bake privacy-by-design into everyday operations and unlock your data
— confidently, responsibly and compliantly.

How does Trūata


Our patented Fingerprint technology sets us apart from other market players. Via an easy-to-use dashboard, you can automate quantitative risk assessments, understand risk scores and make informed decisions about your data assets.


Access dynamic recommendations for data transformation and view privacy-utility impact simulations before performing forensically targeted de-identification to mitigate risks.


Transform data to create privacy-enhanced datasets that can be shared or transferred and used responsibly by insights-driven teams.

See for yourself

Trūata Calibrate seamlessly integrates within your existing cloud environment, so you can secure your data pipelines and empower your people with privacy-enhanced data.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t protect it

Dr Maurice Coyle
Chief Data Scientist


Designed by data privacy experts to deliver expert data privacy.


Fingerprint analysis and dynamic risk scoring

Conduct automated privacy risk assessments to pinpoint direct and hidden risks in datasets of any size. Access standardized risk scores and detailed risk reports that support the most stringent regulatory requirements.


Privacy-utility impact

Receive dynamic recommendations for data transformation and simulate the privacy-utility impact before carrying out forensically targeted risk mitigation that ensures you can maximize data utility.


Cloud-native solution

Deploy Trūata Calibrate natively on cloud platforms and integrate it seamlessly within your existing tech stack to power centralized data privacy management across decentralized business ecosystems.

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