The Four Pillars of the Trūata Anonymization Solution

Based on the principle of privacy by design, the Trūata Anonymization Solution is achieved through the application of innovative technological, structural, legal and organisational safeguards.

World Class Technology Platform

  • A multi-step anonymization process customised to each customer’s data set
  • Data cataloguing, quality checks, sanitation and segregation
  • Customised data modification techniques including recoding, rounding, encryption, hashing, micro-clustering
  • Outlier handling, Defined perturbation such as noise addition, K-anonymity, L-diversity
  • Differential privacy tests measure privacy loss and apply further perturbation and generalisation to the data
  • World-class analytics tools provide customer with actionable insights on customer’s anonymized data


Structural Safeguards

  • Unique trust structure separates governance from assets and profit, thus ensuring independence vis-à-vis other parties
  • Governed by a constitution and a trust deed with strict privacy and data protection safeguards
  • Privacy restrictions in governing documents can only be changed after notice to Supervisory Authority



Legal Safeguards

  • Strict safeguards prohibit use of data other than to anonymize/analyse it for the customer
  • Customer Charter which includes a commitment to ethical use of data only
  • Data is stored in EU jurisdictions
  • Establishes a Controller to Controller relationship with customers to ensure  that Trūata, rather than the customer, is independently making the anonymization decisions


Organisational Controls

  • Comprehensive GDPR compliance and information security programs
  • Data Protection Officer with staff of privacy experts – direct CEO report
  • Prior and periodic DPIA for Trūata and for each new customer
  • Privacy-by-design processes embedded throughout the organisation
  • Highly experienced team of data scientists and data analysts

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