Trūata Pioneer for BI Coming soon

Real-time data
analysis. Robust
privacy protection.

Separate the analyst
from the data

Trūata Pioneer for BI is an advanced business intelligence and data-querying application which enables organizations to create anonymized, aggregated, and segmented outputs from data.


Advanced business


Create anonymized
outputs from data

A self-service solution for
data engineers and analysts

Trūata Pioneer for BI enables data experts to analyze their organization’s data
outputs in real time, while ensuring privacy is protected.

An all-encompassing

With Trūata Pioneer for BI, data exploration and analysis can be performed without row-level data ever being accessible. And with customizable privacy enhancement, your organization’s privacy thresholds and processing standards can be incorporated into the platform itself.


Advanced analyses to drive business decisions.


BI reports

Generate in-depth analysis reports on customer data to support strategic business decisions.


risk analysis

Identify and mitigate every privacy risk, so outputs are always GDPR-compliant and safe for use.


Support all BI applications

On a single platform, download results or simultaneously generate multiple reports which can be shared across your organization.

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