Trūata Pioneer for AI Coming soon

Powering AI-
based analysis
with privacy.

Data anonymization that drives tangible growth

Trūata Pioneer for AI is a data science application which
enables organizations to train, validate, and evaluate
supervised machine learning models while preserving data


Develop machine
learning models


Preserve your
data’s privacy

A globally compliant
solution for data innovators

Trūata Pioneer for AI leverages the immense power of AI-based analytics
using anonymized data. Deliver in-depth insights, and champion growth
strategies along the way.

See for yourself

Trūata Pioneer for AI analyzes data through visualizations of feature distributions, statistics, correlations, and feature relevance. By training a variety of machine learning models, your organization can compare them against key evaluation parameters, identify the best-performing and most predictive—then use those to drive critical business decisions.


Unlimited access to your entire data universe.


Full data access

None of your organization’s data is off limits. Whether it’s consented or non-consented, Pioneer for AI ensures your trained models leverage full data access so they contain less noise and algorithmic bias.



The models created by Pioneer for AI are differentially private, mitigating the risks of re-identification. Analysts and data scientists are, therefore, able to execute familiar machine learning workflows without having access to the underlying raw data.


Optimized model
training performance

Conduct pre-processing, feature engineering, and model parameter tuning to deliver refined insights.

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