Equilibrium Webinar Series

Balancing the Demands of Data Analytics and Data Privacy

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Not All Synthetic Data Is Created Equal – Quantifying Risk and Utility

Presenter: Dr. Michael Fenton, Data Scientist, Truata

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) enable analysis on data without falling foul of increasingly strict data protection regulations. We will explore if it is possible to quantify privacy and re-identification risk before and after the application of PETs to demonstrate whether privacy risk has been reduced. Failing to objectively measure privacy risk in a dataset can leave companies exposed to regulator scrutiny, fines and sanctions. This session will include a working example quantifying privacy risk in synthetic data.


Equilibrium Webinar Series

Truata is hosting the Equilibrium Webinar Series in association with IBM and IDA Ireland.

This series of monthly webinars is a unique opportunity to hear leading industry experts in analytics and data protection as well as business leaders and academics discussing ideas and sharing insights to propel data-driven organisations forward.

From the erosion of customer trust to the demand for personalisation, our speakers will explore the intersection between the growing data-driven economy and the evolving global privacy landscape.

A blend of panel discussions, fireside chats, insightful case studies and inspiring keynote sessions. The Equilibrium Webinar Series will examine the trends and developments impacting businesses in 2020 and beyond.


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  • Giuseppe D'Acquisto

    Giuseppe D’Acquisto

    National delegate for the Italian Data Protection Authority

  • Leo Clancy IDA

    Leo Clancy

    Head of Technology, Consumer & Business Services at IDA Ireland

  • Simon McDougall

    Simon McDougall

    Executive Director - Technology and Innovation, Information Commissioner’s Office

  • Denise Farnsworth

    Denise Farnsworth

    Founder of Inspire! Privacy and Security, LLC.

  • Rob van Eijk

    Dr. Rob van Eijk

    Managing Director for Europe at The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)

  • Ivana Bartoletti

    Ivana Bartoletti

    Technical Director at Deloitte

  • Dr Johnny Ryan

    Dr Johnny Ryan

    Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer at Brave, the private web browser

  • Mike Ingrassia

    Michael Ingrassia

    President and General Counsel, Truata

  • Ultan O'Carroll

    Ultan O'Carroll

    Deputy Commissioner for Technology and Operational Performance at Irish DPC

  • Dave Lewis

    Dave Lewis

    Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin

  • Michael Fenton

    Dr. Michael Fenton

    Data Scientist at Truata

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