A blend of thought provoking panel discussions and inspiring speaker presentations. The Equilibrium Webinar Series will examine the data and privacy trends and developments impacting businesses in 2020 and beyond.

Data Privacy Mythbusting        View On-demand Equilibrium

Presenter:  Dr. Maurice Coyle , Chief Data Scientist, Truata
  • Debunking several myths that persist around data privacy
  • Areas covered in the discussion will include consent, anonymization, encryption, and data protection processes
  • Ways to combat each myth so that you can get the value you need from your data but still align with privacy laws


Tech Talk with the Regulators    View On-demand 

Moderator: Rob van Eijk, Future of Privacy Forum

Panellists: Giuseppe D'Acquisto, Italian DPA and Ultan O'Carroll, Irish DPC and Simon McDougall, UK's ICO

  • Emerging privacy enhancing technologies, anonymization, pseudonymisation and privacy safeguards
  • Balancing using data for social good with protecting the right of the individual and the role technology can play
Future of Privacy Forum


Not All Synthetic Data Is Created Equal - Quantifying Risk and Utility    View On-demand 

Presenter:  Dr. Michael Fenton , Data Scientist, Truata

  • Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) enable analysis on data without falling foul of increasingly strict data protection regulations
  • Is it possible to quantify privacy and re-identification risk before and after application of PETs to demonstrate whether privacy risk has been reduced?
  • Failing to objectively measure privacy risk in a dataset can leave companies exposed to regulator scrutiny, fines and sanctions. This session will include a working example quantifying privacy risk in synthetic data


Is Privacy Tech Europe’s Secret Weapon in the AI Race?   View On-Demand 

Wednesday 5 August, 11am (BST) and 7pm (BST). Moderator:Michael Ingrassia, President and General Counsel, Truata

Panellists: Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director at Deloitte, Leo Clancy, Head of Technology, Consumer & Business Services at IDA Ireland and Dave Lewis, Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin

  • The “AI Race” is on, as companies around the world compete to achieve a global advantage in artificial intelligence (AI)-based innovation, be it in machine learning, facial recognition or elsewhere.
  • Many pundits have written off European companies in this race, assuming they’ll be left hopelessly behind their US and Chinese peers, due largely to Europe’s attitudes and laws on privacy
  • But is this true? What if Europe’s attitudes and laws on privacy, rather than hobbling European companies, instead give them a hidden advantage when it comes to AI?


The Personalisation Paradox

  • Are there technical approaches in academia to balance the consumer's right to privacy and the commercial need to understand the consumer?
  • Are companies engaged in finding this balance? If so, what are they doing to achieve personalisation whilst preserving the privacy of the individual?
  • Are customers happy to trade privacy in order to receive personalized services?



Why Data is Not the New Oil


  • An exploration of how we think of data and whether it’s possible to ethically monetize your customers’ data
  • How can focusing on accountable and ethical data impact an organisation’s reputation? And how are emerging technologies impact companies’ ability to do this?
  • The importance of ethics and accountability when using personal data


Building A Privacy-Enhanced Business Intelligence Platform


  • Drive data utility without compromising consumer privacy
  • How to handle new privacy laws and keep the same level of valuable analytical insights
  • How anonymized data can be used to improve the performance of data models powering personalisation campaigns


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