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Uncover Data Opportunity and Privacy Risk

Data privacy workshop

The Trūata Workshop Series is designed to help clients maximize the value of their data without compromising customer privacy. Our data science and privacy teams work with you to navigate the evolving privacy regulation landscape to understand the impact and identify the opportunities presented to your organisation.

The 3 stage workshop series - Discover, Explore and Optimise identifies, examines and qualifies an organization’s analytical processes. A privacy-enhanced data strategy is then developed for prioritized analytical use cases to provide a roadmap to data management and analytics best practice. This is delivered in the Privacy Risk and Data Opportunity report.

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Discover workshopDiscover- Maximizing the Value of Data in the Age of Privacy
1 day workshop briefing with Truata’s privacy and data science personnel. Understand how privacy regulations impact your organization's ability to extract value from your customer data and how you can gain a competitive advantage, increase brand value and drive ROI through privacy leadership.


Explore workshopExplore - Privacy Risk and Data Opportunity Assessment
A half-day on-site workshop working with the Truata data privacy and data science teams to map out your key analytics programmes and use cases and identify how they are impacted by privacy concerns. This is followed by a 2 day deep-dive workshop exploring which use cases are the best candidates for optimisation via privacy-enhanced analytics. Finally a half-day on-site which includes delivery of a report presenting the privacy risks and data opportunities.


Optimize workshopOptimise - Data Optimisation Strategy
4 to 5 day on-site workshop with your data science and analytics SMEs and Truata’s data science, privacy and customer success team. We will develop a detailed Data Optimisation Strategy for you based on identified use cases from the Explore session that captures a privacy-enhanced data analytics and management strategy across your information architecture. This will minimise risk and preserve and extract value from your data.


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