AI-based Analysis of Anonymized Data

Truata Pioneer for AI is a highly innovative privacy preserving solution for data science. By anonymizing your customer data using the Truata Anonymization Service, and leveraging this solution, you can easily build supervised Machine Learning (ML) models on your entire customer data universe, unconsented as well as consented data, while preserving privacy in the underlying data. This delivers more accurate, less biased models leading to better decisions and greater return on investment.

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  • Truata Pioneer for AIEmpowers Data Experts - A web-based application that empowers data scientists and analysts to rapidly build, train and evaluate Machine Learning models for a range of classification and regression-based prediction scenarios
  • Guided Analytics - Leverages the concept of guided analytics - a no-code, consistent and systematic approach to data science which gives users full control to fine tune ML processes to suit their use cases
  • Privacy by Design - Creates a separation of data and user experience which provides the user with the tools they need to create effective models, without ever exposing the underlying data to the user

Truata Pioneer for AI

  • Full Data Universe - Using anonymized data allows users to create models against their full data universes, creating far more accurate models, and better return on investment, compared to tools using consented data only
  • Big Data - Purpose built for big data environments allowing for Machine Learning models to be created across the largest data repositories
  • Extensible Solution - Truata Pioneer for AI is a workflow-based solution which allows for customizations and extensions to be quickly and easily created and deployed to suit specific customer needs


Use Cases

Truata Pioneer for AI supports an extensive range of industry use cases including:

Customer Retention / Churn Sentiment Analysis Next Best Actions Shopping Cart Abandonment
Lifetime Value Forecasting Marketing Personalization Recommendation Engines Product Pricing Strategies
Seasonal Business Forecasts Sales Performance Analysis Sales Funnel Optimization Operations and Logistics Optimization

Additional information about the Truata Anonymization Service.

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