Trūata Data Anonymization Solution: The Data Journey

Preserve the analytical value of your data while protecting your customers’ privacy

The Trūata data anonymization solution independently anonymizes and analyses enterprise data to generate aggregated reports and model code. By applying these outputs, clients can both unlock the full power of their data and protect their customers’ privacy. As the original data set and the de-identified data set no longer co-exist in one organisation the risk of re-identification is reduced to an insignificant level.  Trūata is the controller for the anonymization of data. This makes Trūata responsible for this process and mitigates the client’s non-compliance risk. This independent anonymization also enables analysis on larger data sets - delivering unbiased results to power data-driven decision making.

How It Works

  • Customer removes personal data and tokenises direct and indirect identifiers then transfers to Trūata
  • Trūata tokenises direct and indirect identifiers
  • Trūata runs risk assessment routines to identify privacy risks and applies anonymization techniques to data
  • Trūata moves data to customer specific data storage and performs analytics to generate reports and model code
  • Aggregated reports and model code provided to customer. Customer can use those insights to improve their business processes and better serve their customers
  • Trūata analyses the anonymized data using tools selected based on each individual customer’s analytical needs
  • Customers receive analytics, algorithms and aggregated reports back from Trūata for use in their products and solutions
  • Customers apply those analytics, algorithms and reports to unlock powerful, value-generating insights from their data

Trūata Data Anonymization Privacy Solution

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