Trūata Anonymization Service

Enabling Privacy-Enhanced Analytics

Truata solution

The Trūata Anonymization Service independently anonymizes data, giving our clients the freedom to carry out analysis while protecting people’s personal data. It is designed to meet the high regulatory thresholds for anonymization under the GDPR.

Trūata creates client-ready data, reports and model code that insights-driven companies can use to drive business growth, operational efficiencies and data monetization opportunities.

The Trūata Anonymization Service is designed to deliver actionable insights across multiple industries including Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, Telco, Retail and Automotive.

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Data anonymization - Trūata

Data universeComprehensive Data Universe - Independent data anonymization allows companies to analyse larger portions of their data universe - unconsented as well as consented data - resulting in less biased, more powerful analytics.


longitudinal viewsLongitudinal Views - Anonymization also enables longitudinal studies as data retention limits do not apply to non-personal data. Analysing current and historical data makes it easier to identify trends and seasonal patterns.


Stable dataStable Analytics Data - Anonymized data sets are not impacted by consent withdrawals or data subject rights such as access requests and right to be forgotten. This provides a solid base for all analytics.


Enterprise wide consistencyEnterprise Wide Consistency - The Trūata approach ensures consistent compliance across an organisation. This speeds and simplifies the analytics process across all use cases.


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