About Us

Our Values

Our company values are fundamental to how we operate as a business to enable ethical analytics. They provide a framework to help guide both our decision making and actions. We live these values everyday and they define what is important to us as a business.
Truata - Enabling Ethical Analytics


Our business model embodies a powerful commitment to privacy by design.

Our name is rooted in truth and trust, and these inform every part of our behaviour and offering.


Trūata is at the vanguard of an entirely new application of independent data management.

We are focused on what we do, specialist experts from both technological and legal compliance points of view.


Our clients rely on us to assure that they can both release the power of their data, and truly respect the rights of the individuals underlying that data.

At every level, trust runs deep in our relationships and commitments.


Achieving Ethical Analytics

Through the application of independent data anonymization, ethical analytics can unlock the full power of  a company's data while protecting their customers’ privacy. Follow the links below to learn more about the Truata Anonymization Solution.

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The Future of Privacy

The Truata team have developed a series of resources exploring the future of privacy in the digital age. The Global Consumer State of Mind Report sheds light on our digital shadow and why trustworthy brands will be more successful.  The Mindful Data Mining white paper discusses how responsible data analysis can deliver profound social good without eroding the data protection rights of individuals. The Synthetic Data white paper demonstrates the privacy risk contained within a synthetic dataset and how it can be objectively quantified. The Equilibrium Webinar Series examines the data and privacy trends and developments impacting businesses in 2020 and beyond.