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With Trūata, you can unlock the potential of your data without compromising privacy

Trūata specialises in privacy-enhancing technologies for privacy risk assessment, de-identification and true anonymization of data. We enable businesses to unlock powerful insights with our suite of proprietary solutions, while complying with the highest global data protection standards.

Founded by Mastercard and IBM in 2018, Trūata is one of the first companies in the EU to achieve independently accredited ISO 27701 certification, the international standard for data privacy management. Follow the link to read more on our ISO 27701 certification.

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“Every person has a right to privacy”

How do you innovate, differentiate and unlock the value of data without damaging consumer trust?

If data is to be the engine of the new economy, then success will come to those who generate the most value from this essential asset. But consumer privacy cannot be sacrificed as a means to achieve this success. The future belongs to brands who uphold the values of privacy, integrity and the ethical use of personal data.

Trūata's privacy-enhancing technologies raise the bar in how businesses approach data analytics. Every person has a right to privacy and our commitment is to help our customers make sure they are operating to both the spirit and the letter of the law. Our customers expect us to help them generate value and insights from their data responsibly and trust that we will never compromise our ethical principles in doing so.


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Pseudonymization As A Solution For International Data Transfers

Felix Marx, Chief Executive Officer


Our Team

Felix Marx

Felix Marx joined Trūata as CEO to advance its goal of furthering consumers’ control over their data as envisioned by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), while enabling businesses to better serve their customers through data-led decisions.

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