‍12 / 08 / 2020

AI Race

Is Privacy Tech Europe’s Secret Weapon in the AI Race? View On-Demand

Is Privacy Tech Europe’s Secret Weapon in the AI Race? Webinar is part of the Equilibrium Webinar Series. A blend of thought-provoking panel discussions and inspiring speaker presentations.  Each month we will examine the data and privacy trends and developments impacting businesses in 2020 and beyond. From the erosion of customer trust to the demand for personalization, our speakers will explore the intersection between the growing data-driven economy and the evolving global privacy landscape. Follow the link to view the full Equilibrium Webinar Series agenda.



Moderator:Michael Ingrassia, President and General Counsel, Truata

Panelists: Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director at Deloitte, Leo Clancy, Head of Technology at IDA Ireland and Dave Lewis, Associate Professor at Trinity College Dublin

Key Areas Covered:

  • The “AI Race” is on, as companies around the world compete to achieve a global advantage in artificial intelligence (AI)-based innovation, be it in machine learning, facial recognition, or elsewhere.
  • Many pundits have written off European companies in this race, assuming they’ll be left hopelessly behind their US and Chinese peers, due largely to Europe’s attitudes and laws on privacy
  • But is this true? What if Europe’s attitudes and laws on privacy, rather than hobbling European companies, instead give them a hidden advantage when it comes to AI?

Michael Ingrassia, President, and General Counsel at Truata

Michael Ingrassia joined Truata as President and General Counsel from Mastercard International, where he was the Senior Managing Counsel for Strategic Transactions and Global Mergers and Acquisitions. At Mastercard, Michael managed a broad array of transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and investments.