‍25 / 07 / 2019

re-identify data
Fig. 1 from the academic study 

The Importance of Using True, Independent Anonymization


We welcome this recent academic study which shines a light on practices that claim to achieve anonymization but in fact fall short. The authors, researchers at Belgium’s Universite Catholique de Louvain and at Imperial College London, researched the pitfalls of using de-identification and sampling when attempting to anonymize datasets. They even built a model to demonstrate how easy it is to re-identify data from datasets that have not been truly anonymized but have rather been de-identified.

Anonymization is important and is privacy preserving. We welcome any study which calls out techniques which fall short and allow easy re-identification – particularly when these approaches are promising anonymous data.

This study affirms that achieving true anonymization is hard – but achievable if done independently, by real experts using cutting edge techniques. This is why Truata only applies independent, GDPR-grade anonymization to our clients’ data, using our best-in-class technology and techniques, applied by our team of data science and privacy experts. This enables our clients to extract actionable insights from their data, while maintaining their reputations and upholding their customers’ trust.

When it comes to protecting your customer’ privacy, there is no short-cut – you either use true, independent anonymization or you put your customers’ trust – and your brand – at risk.

The research on how easy it is to re-identify data is published in the journal Nature Communications.

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Michael Ingrassia

Michael Ingrassia, President and General Counsel
Michael Ingrassia joined Trūata as President and General Counsel from Mastercard International, where he was the Senior Managing Counsel for Strategic Transactions and Global Mergers and Acquisitions. At Mastercard, Michael managed a broad array of transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and investments.